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Editorial Policy


Scholarlink Resource Centre Journal publishes serious, authentic and scholarly articles. We believe that responsive publishing and open dialog around well-formed ideas grounded in experience and/or deep study (hopefully both) serves our community better than protracted process to incrementally advance the rigor of a piece before its eventual exposure to light.

The purpose of the Scholarlink Resource Centre Journal is to stimulate and communicate research, theory, and critical thought in all areas that journal addresses. Because our Journal is international in scope, authors from all areas of the world are encouraged to submit manuscripts. Comparative cross-national and cross-cultural research reports are especially welcome. In addition to original research reports and review essays, book reviews, research notes, comments, and methodological contributions are appropriate for publication. The journal also publishes special issues that highlight research on single themes of particular importance to the field. The Journal is published bi-monthly. 

We would like to provide our authors more editorial review than they did get, which is next to none. We only make minor formatting and mechanical edits. In the meantime, let's not let your red pen or our lack of enough of them get in the way of good ideas reaching the right eyes and ears promptly.

While we screen submissions, we do not and cannot fully vet authors and facts. Problems will come up from time to time. Authors who choose to submit their work to us do so courageously, realizing that they are subject to a good wire brushing by our discriminating and vocal readers public for any errors. We trust our audience to appreciate the distinction between inaccuracies that do not foul the rest of the work, and major issues:

The Editorial Structure
The editorial structure for our Journal will consist of an Editor-in-Chief  assisted by an associate editor and an Editorial Board of between 15 and 25. The Editor-in-Chief, who will be approved by the Board of Directors of Scholarlink Resource Centre Limited, will have a term of service for three years with the possibility of extensions on a year-to-year basis up to a maximum of 5 years. The members of the Editorial Board, who are chosen by the Editor-in-Chief, will represent expertise in topical areas and research methods that represent the diversity of research in the scope of journal.

 Manuscript Review Process
All manuscripts are reviewed by an editor and members of the Editorial Board or qualified outside reviewers. Decisions will be made as rapidly as possible, Authors are normally informed of the publication decision within 3 weeks.  All published articles in this peer-reviewed journal will be reviewed by members of the editorial board and review board, and it is the goal of Scholarlink Resource Centre Journal, to publish manuscripts within 8 weeks after submission.

When a manuscript is received, it is sent to Managing Editor for Initial Review. It is then assigned to an Editorial Board Member for review and assignment to at least 2 reviewers with general or specific expertise in the subject matter of the article.  Reviewers have 2 weeks to
complete their review and will recommend one of the following:

Accept As It Is:

Requires Minor Corrections:

Requires Moderate Revision:

Requires Major Revision:

Submit To Another Publication Such As:

Reject On Grounds Of (Please Be Specific):




Any disagreement between reviewers will be resolved by the Assigned Associate Editor and Editor in chief.  If the manuscript is considered publishable with changes, a secure link to the reviewer’s comments will be sent to the author for further comment or revisions.  Authors will be given 5 days to complete any suggested revisions and return to the editor.

All decision letters are reviewed by the editor in chief prior to being sent to the author.  Once accepted, the manuscript will be scheduled for publication.

Submission of a manuscript implies: that the work described has not been published before (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, or thesis) that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; that if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to automatic transfer of the copyright to the publisher.

Fees and Charges
Authors from Asia and Africa are required to pay US$200, while Authors from other countries will be required to pay US$250 as Processing/publication fee

Proofs and Reprints
Electronic proofs will be sent (e-mail attachment) to the corresponding author as a PDF file.  Page proofs are considered to be the final version of the manuscript. With the exception of typographical or minor clerical errors, no changes will be made in the manuscript at the proof stage.  Because accepted articles will be published freely online to attract a wide audience), authors will have free electronic access to the full text (in both HTML and PDF) of the article. Authors can freely download the PDF file from which they can print unlimited copies of their articles.

To Submit Manuscript
Authors wishing to submit manuscripts for publication should visit the manuscript submission centre of the respective journal of their choice. (  ( (

Publication Policy
Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, review, or thesis); that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; and that its publication has been approved by all coauthors and the responsible authorities at the institute where the work was conducted. Submission also implies that the authors have already obtained all necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted materials, such as figures and tables from other publications. Previously published work will not be considered for publication


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