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Scholarlink System Technology-Research Institute has a global reputation for quality products and services to contribute to the advancement of research knowledge. By delivering world-class information and innovative tools to researchers, students, educators and practitioners worldwide, we help them increase their productivity and effectiveness. We continuously make substantial investments that serve the needs of the global science.

Scholarlink System Technology-Research Institute is an online, independent and autonomous research learned society and publish journals for the higher educators, scholars and professional researchers. SRCL is dedicated to promote and encourage the pursuit of educational research and its application for both the improvement of educational practice and for the public benefit.

The Online System will give open access policy, which ensures the high visibility and accessibility of published research work around the world. High visibility and accessibility will help to enhance the citation rate of each article. By developing strong partnerships with societies, libraries and authors, we use our combined expertise and content to create new opportunities for sharing and learning new ideas. We have the drive to realize exciting new horizons that will benefit not only the academic community, but also society at large.

Vision Statement

To be a World Class Research centre with cutting edge and state-of-the art research facilities.

Mission Statement

The core mission of Scholarlink System Technology-Research Institute is to achieve an outstanding standard through excellence in learning, and research whilst meeting the needs of our community and adhering to our academic values of intellectual freedom, integrity and professionalism.

Our Online Publishing cycle of excellence is a result of the high priority we place on attracting the world's best editors and reviewers. These individuals are the foundation of our program and are the key to our mission as a larger society-the advancement of the scientific research worldwide.
Our mission is to:

  • To bring together many internally renowned and young scholars, scientists and researchers in a multidisciplinary annual conference.
  • To promote the exchange and dissemination of cutting edge information on research findings that seeks to advance growth and development.
  • To lead in economic development by connecting business, research, education, government and talent to advance the competitiveness of our knowledge-based industries and Institutions, to build wealth that will enhance quality of life. 

Our Journals

Scholarlink System Technology-Research Institute operates as an independent publisher and currently publishes cutting-edge articles across three major journals namely



Our Journals


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